About Us

SAC(Smart Aquaculture Vietnam co,ltd) hopes to address the environmental pollution problem & the food problem that the world is facing by providing Ultra Fine Bubble  technologies and unique feeding method to increase productivity, improve producing technology and improve business efficiency in aqua-farming  & fishing industry.  As a result of industrial‐academic‐government cooperation, SAC has launched the first Yellowfin tuna farming in Vietnam as well as world-first, land farming of large, high grade pearls.



SAC’s core businesses are

1. Exclusive provider of ultra fine bubble technology products and services including but not limited to hygnie management, quality control for crops, seafood and pool facilities for both industrial and commercial use in Vietnam

2. Tuna export and sales of quality control and hygene management products using ultra fine bubble technology

3. Yellowfin tuna acuafarming and franchising of the acuafarming method using antioxdant compound feed & quality control management method

4. Research & land farming of large-size pearls using genome editing technologies



Company Information

Company Name Smart Aquaculture Vietnam co,ltd
Address 42 Le Thanh Phuong P. Phuong Sai, Nha Trang, Tinh Khanh Hoa
Phone Number (+84)943791750
Date of Establishment July 4,  2016
CEO Yukinao Ajima