Tuna fishing & UFB support program

SAC is an exporter of tuna globally. We provide one of the freshest tuna to market around the world. SAC also works with local fishermen with  UFB ( Ultra Fine Bubble) solution with comprehensive support  for the fishermen with much needed equipment and solution to  preserve the hygiene of tuna and the freshness. Our partners are provided with

  • satellite based Tuna radar detector
  • digital live video cam to monitor the hygiene management method
  • an electric shocker
  • Ultra Fine Bubble infused ice for cooling the tuna

and those who  comply with our hygiene management method using our UFB solution and method, we will gladly buy their tuna  at much higher price for better quality. Our partners can benefit from not only implementing the higher standard in their fishing  business but also much growth in revenue.

If you are interested in more about our solution, please contact us.