UFC characteristics & effects

UFC characteristics & effects

Effects of ultra-fine bubbles

Cleaning effect of ultra-fine bubbles

As ultra-fine bubbles are negatively charged (-), it will absorb positively electrostatic charged (+) suspending pollutants in water. Thanks to its cleaning effect, ultra-fine bubbles is used to clean pipe lines/ CIP (Cleaning in Place) in food processing factories.

Sterilization effect of ultra-fine bubbles

Great effectiveness in inhibiting bacterial growth in the circle of protection against fungi is also noteworthy of ultra-fine gas bubbles.

Free radicals produced during the burst of ultra-fine gas bubbles will attack viruses or bacteria, thereby inhibiting their growth.

Prevent oxidation process

Water containing ultra-fine bubbles has redox properties. We can observe the tendency that redox properties are reduced from time to time.

Oxidation / Reduction potential (ORP) is an indicator used to determine the potential of a material state that tends to oxidize or reduce other materials.

Therefore, the fishes which were cleaned with cold salt water containing nano gas bubbles are difficult to get oxidized, thereby the freshness is preserved.

〇Prevent brown discoloration of fish flesh

Inhibiting oxidation process can prevent the conversion of the oxygen binding myoglobin available in fish flesh into methemoglobin, to minimize brown discoloration.

(※1)Myoglobin is an color protein found in the muscles.

(※2)In iron form, heme can be found in oxidized myoglobin; in dead fish, methemoglobin has increased brown color.