What is Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) ?

What is Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) ?

 ①What is Original name of ultra-fine bubble?

Ultra fine bubble is formerly known as nano bubbles
Fine Bubble Industries Association has agreed upon a common name as “Ultra-fine bubble” in an attempt to promote ultra-fine bubble international standardization.
UFB (nano bubble), as the name suggests, literally mean extremely small bubbles. In general, bubbles of diameter smaller than 1 micrometer (1/1000mm) are called UFBs (nano bubbles). Although UFB (nano bubbles) can be generated to create extremely bubbles, it can still be observed by naked eyes in the transparent aspect of water. 1nm is equal to the fraction of 1/1 million mm. If the earth’s diameter is 1 m, 1 nanometer is equivalent to the size of a marble with diameter of 1,3cm. We understand that nano bubble is in no way comparable in size to common bubbles that are visible to our naked eyes.

 Ultra-fine bubble properties

・Invisiblility to naked eyes

・Burst due to self-pressurizing effect

・Negative charged surface.
・Physiological active effect

★ Estimation of UFB market size

Market of Fine Bubble Technology will not only limited in bubble generator products, and also be expanded and grow to various services and systems.  Currently, the main market is mainly in Japan which is the leading countly of this technology, it will be rapidly and widely spread to world wide since now the technology is getting internationally standardized.

The latest study says, the world’s estimated market size of UFB technology would possibly grow to 43 billion USD in 2020, and almost 130 billion USD in 2030.

UFB market size